On 12th July 2023, WordsMine was honored to represent Vietnam as a participant in THE YOUTH CO:LAB SUMMIT 2023 in Thai Lan with 200 participants representatives from 20 countries and territories. Gathered in Bangkok to discuss how they can help tackle the world’s most pressing societal challenges through leadership, social innovation, and entrepreneurship at the 2023 YOUTH CO:LAB REGIONAL SUMMIT.

The YOUTH CO:LAB SUMMIT is co-organized by UNDP and Citi Foundation, hosted at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok in 4 days. The 2023 SUMMIT’s theme highlighted, encouraged, and celebrated the role of youth in our society, with the main topic being “Inclusive Entrepreneurship”. Thereby, showcasing and inspiring youth action from underserved communities, as well as youth contributing to solutions to support the most excluded and hardest-to-reach groups to leave no one behind. WordsMine is honored to become a part of a community of regional and national youth that can become a force to take action and create positive change in social ventures. Especially, WordsMine focuses on Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 10 to positively impact many aspects of education and reduce inequality and discrimination within and among countries.

In this event, WordsMine had a chance to introduce our products, their values, and solutions to potential partners and government representatives from over 20 countries & territories in the Asia Pacific Region. WordsMine’s solution is recognized for its innovation and creativity, receiving valuable constructive feedback from experts across both private and public sectors to improve foreign language education and open more career opportunities by enhancing language proficiency on a larger scale for the young generations, as well as indigenous youth, LGBTI, plus youth, youth with disabilities, migrant and stateless youth.

WordsMine also showcases our interactive Minigame at the booth that attracted the attention of numerous young people, where learners can learn in a more fun, immersive and enjoyable approach.

WordsMine had the opportunity to participate in the High-level Panel session with the theme “It’s Everyone’s Business: How to Amplify the Potential of Inclusive Youth Entrepreneurship ?”, where we can learn more about the barriers faced by youth from underserved communities and the exclusion points in the ecosystems for youth entrepreneurship in different countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc.

On the last day of the SUMMIT, WordsMine is honored to represent Vietnam’s social enterprises by sharing about the barriers, difficulties, and exclusion points in the Ed-Tech industry, and how we create social impacts on hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese students and youngsters through language proficiency. The presentation at the SUMMIT marks a stepping stone in our future development, and its expansion to another market, with recognition from organizations, corporates, education experts, NGOs, and governmental organizations. Thus, strengthening our mission of empowering 100 million people to improve their language and have more equal access to the world’s knowledge by removing language barriers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to UNDP, YOUTH CO:LAB, and the Citi Foundation for having us at the SUMMIT. It was an honor to participate and contribute to empowering inclusive entrepreneurship. We are inspired by your commitment to fostering innovation and driving positive change so No One Left Behind. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

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